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PU and PUR difference!

PIR temperature range between -196 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃. Since the PIR in cryogenic environment (hereinafter -100 ℃ environment) has good insulation properties, so PIR insulation commonly used in LNG. Such as: LNG carriers, LNG station pipeline insulation. Also commonly used in other insulation liquefied gases: nitrogen, oxygen and so on.
Most PIR material now on the market is a mix of PIR and PUR and conventional high temperature in the range of ~ 120 ℃
PUR use range between -60 ℃ ~ + 100 ℃.
PIR has better performance than flame retardant PUR. In general, PUR flame retardant can achieve the highest level B2, and B1 level must be used to reach PIR.