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Insulation valve works

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Insulation valve action principle

Insulation valve structure Introduction:

Insulation valve is in the valve body welding a metal jacket, the metal jacket by injecting steam, oil, cooling water, air-conditioning, so that the body of the medium at room temperature, heating, cooling and other conditions, to achieve the required temperature, played the role of heat or cold. Insulation valve is used at room temperature will be solidified high viscosity, vapor or other insulation, cold media, to ensure that the media within the valve to work properly.

Insulation valve principle:

Insulation valve has a good cold insulation properties, and the valve diameter and the diameter of the same, while effectively reducing the pipeline medium heat loss. Good insulation cold characteristics, while effectively reducing the pipeline medium heat loss. Insulation valve obtained in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, and other types of systems in more applications, effectively reduce the loss of heat medium in the pipe, preventing medium crystallization, coagulation alike appear. The role of insulation valve is at high or low temperature conditions through the valve, the valve insulation materials within the insulation effect of mediators, the media will not condense or stick to the inside of the valve body, so that the proper functioning of the valve opening and closing

Insulation valve material:

Stainless steel ball valve

Cast Steel Ball

Insulation valve Category:

Two-way valve insulation insulation insulation Stone Way ball valve

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