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Germany launched the "rice bag" Seismic reinforcement method

Number of visits: Date:2016-01-06

  University of Kassel, Germany, June 3, announced the school a doctoral student invented a paste of natural fiber fabrics aseismic reinforcement method in masonry, this method is referred to as the local media will be loaded building "rice bag. "
Researchers believe that this money easy shock method in some developing countries can be widely used press release issued by the University of Kassel, said masonry is the world's most common form of residential buildings, but not every masonry buildings have sufficient shock resistance. Kassel University doctoral Da Wada • Ai Mami development of the "rice bag" shock method requires first brush a layer of adhesive on the masonry wall, then stick to the wall of natural fiber fabrics, and finally in the fabric and then covered with adhesive on strengthening the role play.
  The statement said that this approach to improve the shock resistance masonry quite effective. Currently aimami it is preparing to apply this law to participate in the reconstruction of earthquake-resistant reinforced Iran's ancient city of Bam. Many buildings in the ancient city of Bam in 2003, a major earthquake was severely damaged.

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