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Polyurethane insulation applications in the construction project

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  Doors and windows and penetrate porous polyurethane insulation engineering applications in architecture building so there is a gap of buildings, which are the building energy consumption factors. Conventional practice is to add a touch of packing broken cement or brick cement, caulking untrue and cause internal voids become EEB risk. One-component polyurethane foam is loaded pressure vessel bucket, press the valve body out of the use of the foam, since foam is soft and just left the barrel can be arbitrarily deformed. This can be through a fine tube foam squeeze entry, windows surrounding the gap, post-cured foam hardens, a little retouch. Penetrating hole polyurethane insulation of buildings, such as air holes, cable holes so you can use it to fill. The current building is a kind of practice between the two channels in the wall cavities formed in cast polyurethane rigid foam. After the polyurethane foam is formed integrally with the outside walls. When polyurethane foam to penetrate the wall of cracks between the blocks, new wall to form a new whole has a strong effect. Here the foam itself requires strength higher than ordinary foam, the wall to fully dry to avoid bonding is not strong. Another is the pressure generated attention to prevent foaming wall deformation, in practice, the solution is that each pouring amount can not be too much, in order to reduce the pressure for each foam produced to the highest structural strength of the wall before curing foaming. Another scene pouring polyurethane wall insulation carried out in a way that cast wall facades.

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