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Company Profile

  Established in 2003, Jinan Yinuo Zhenhua Anticorrosion & Insulation Engineering Co., Ltd. is an innovation-oriented enterprise devoted to anti-corrosion, heat & cold insulation, and waterproof material construction, with Grade I construction qualifications for anti-corrosion, heat insulation and waterproof material construction, and Grade II qualifications for external thermal insulation project contracting. The company has passed the certification for “onsite spraying polyurethane foam EIFS, expanded polystyrene board thin plaster external thermal insulation systems”, and possesses external wall heat insulation and energy saving projects in Shanghai, Wuhan, Xi'an and other cities. The company has a subsidiary factory - Jinan Lixia Zhenhua polyurethane factory, producing various types of polyurethane foams and polyurea products.

  The company introduced technologies from South Korean in 2012 to jointly develop new polyurethane foam products. In 2014, the company tackled the technical problems of PIR foam currently encountered in the market. Foam produced with this technology has excellent physical properties, even delicate foam, and low thermal conductivity, with flame retardant reaching the B1 grade (flame retardant grade). The fire-retardant foam being used and sold by the company has a retardant performance superior to B2 grade, and the oxygen index is up to 28 or more, while the thermal conductivity is less than 0.024MK, and the raw material cost is far less than the B2 foams available on the market. The cold foams of our company can ensure insulation properties of the cold storage, and have high flame-retardant levels, which can facilitate firefighting and inspection of cold storages, without increasing construction costs.

  The company is located in the south bank of the Yellow River, adjacent to Jinan International Airport in the east, and next to the first exit of Jiqing Highway in the south. The company mainly produces and operates polyether polyurethane, binders, spraying cyanide condensate, polyurea; polyurethane sheets, pipes, plastic-steel jacket or steel-steel jacket heat insulation pipes; grade A fireproof composite boards (polyurethane phenolic boards, EPS boards, XPS boards), moisture-proof polyurethane primer, interface agents, adhesive mortar, anti-cracking mortar, expanded polystyrene granules, glass beads, flexible waterproof putty and other materials requiring anti-corrosion and heat insulation; we can undertake anti-corrosion and water proofing projects of external walls, roofs, cold storage, pipelines, chemicals, electric power, metallurgy, transportation and other building facilities.
  With the acceleration of the construction of energy-saving and environment-friendly society, anti-corrosion, heat insulation, waterproofing, and energy conservation have increasingly become an indispensable part of the construction field. In order to meet market needs, the company invested millions of yuan to import more than 20 high-pressure spray equipment from GLAS, GRACO, GAMA and other U.S. companies. In terms of the construction scale and technologies related to anti-corrosion, insulation, waterproofing spraying, the company has occupied a leading position. The company’s products and construction projects have covered more than 10 provinces throughout the country including Shandong, Beijing, Shanghai, Hubei, Liaoning, Jilin, Xinjiang, Gansu, Shaanxi, Anhui, Shanxi, Henan, Jiangxi, and Guizhou. With our solid strength, first-class products, advanced technologies, advanced equipment, and quality service, we have won the trust of our customers.

  Upholding the spirit of integrity, efficiency and pragmatism, we are willing to cooperate sincerely with colleagues from all walks of life to create mutual brilliance.